“God’s original design included families as foundational to his plan. We have a very real enemy seeking to erode that foundation: he tactically uses disfunction, dissonance, and disengagement which creates divisions—gaps in the foundation–weakening the mortar that keeps us connected. Parent Compass is a vehicle of God’s commission to fill the gaps!

By His Holy Spirit, He is using the power of story to repair the foundation of families for His glory and our good. Each narrative shores up the piers of faith and beams of hope

—solidifying a firm foundation for generations to come.” – Lindsey

Thanks to people like you!

With Season 1:

80% of the countries of the world have been reached by Parent Compass.

Very conservatively estimated minimum – 2 million views

Estimate made using only the first 4 months of launch online with 1 million Facebook views of episodes and only one broadcaster. That broadcaster airs only to Iran and found out last January by secular study, they have 6 million daily viewers and 25 million weekly viewers. They have/are airing Parent Compass 5 times to maximize viewership. An additional 1 million views was estimated for this broadcaster NOT including any of the others, not even Inspiration TV to 160 million homes and 150 countries.

Less than 25 cents a view

The conservative estimate of 2 million views brings your infinite eternal return on kingdom investment to less than 25 cents a view!

Would you like to have a legacy of making a difference? Where you reach with the healing only found in Jesus to hearts and homes around the world?

– that can last for generations?

You are needed to – Make It Happen.

For Season 2:

$30,000 minimum is urgently needed to finish the signature family episode production, more planned this month. Incredible family episodes have already been filmed with topics including; financial crisis to near bankruptcy, suicide, imprisonment, heroin addiction, poverty, infertility, porn, children socially, physically or academically challenged, and parenting recommendations. Then, $35,000-$70,000 is required for outreach, marketing, website, viewer community support and other “Life & Family Chat” production. Parent Compass would like to update the website with resources for suicide prevention, overcoming porn and more.

$100,000 total is needed by the end of March to best launch Season 2 in May.

Gifts can be made online by clicking here at ParentCompass.tv/donate or

by mail to Parent Compass 6125 Luther Lane, #213, Dallas, Texas 75225.

Gifts of stock are accepted. Email [email protected] for information.

Donations of $250 or more receive our gift to you of the DVD of Parent Compass Season 1.

“The world and its desires pass away, but those who do the will of God will live forever.” 1 John 2:17

It is you that Make It Happen! – Bringing good into the world!

Grateful for you,

Natalie Jones

Founder & President

Parent Compass