I prayed

I prayed

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STOP and ASK GOD to be the NEXT PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES; To Be Our Real Leader no matter the person in office.


Dear Loving Heavenly Father,

You see every one of the 323 million people from sea to shining sea - up to the expanse of tundra in Alaska, out to the tropical beauty of Hawaii, over to the territory of Puerto Rico and stationed and living all over the world. Dear God, as it is time for the United States to choose a new president, I humbly ask, Father, that in reality it be You, God - no matter the person in office.

Be our Ruler, our King of Kings, our Leader, our Head of Country, our President!

We have forgotten You in many ways, God. We have sinned against you in many ways, God.

Forgive us we pray! Guide us to what is right, good, pure, and holy in your sight. 
May this nation be one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Be our President, dear loving Father. Please. Amen.


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